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Leila Bela

Avant garde and Noise

A wickedly wildfire woman with frequencies to spare! Leila Bela's sonic syntax deconstructs the myths of vocalized musical language and comes up with her own. Austin's unforgettable anti-diva in waiting. An alluring, mysterious multi-instrumentalist and electrifying shaman. Not for the faint of heart.
-Naut Humon, Asphodel Records.
Haoma praises to Leila on the summit of the high mountain, as she smites the vicious, man or woman, and the Daevi-Drukhs, and the mighty and world-destroying. Slicing wrists down to the ancientVohu-Mano, seed form of Kether, background radiation of all things given different names through history, she will find your weakness - - - instead of killing you with it, she will use it to undo your mortal bonds and emancipate you from error. Accept the advocacy of the Fravashi, or continue to approach the Chivnat Bridge as a blind idiot fool.
-By Trey Spruance, Mr. Bungle, Web of Mimicry records.
Born in Iran and based in Texas, Leila Bela makes dense avant-garde noise music, check out her debut release, the 65-track concept LP Angra Manyu. She runs experimental French-America music imprint, Ellahy Amen Records (EAR).-Dazed Magazine
Leila Bela descends from unusual latitudes where elusive sirens drape across canopies of psychotic foliage. And along these improbable steppes of black water in post-Caspian baroque primitiva, fragrant melody as charred razor once scorched the soil as sound was replaced by colors never seen. One for each moment you'll never spend there.-By: Alan, Sun City Girls.
She speaks several languages, plays at least 17 instruments, and has lived all over the world, moving to Austin late last year. At a dumbfounding 65 tracks, her 2002 CD Angra Manyu is soothing, disturbing, adorable, and downright strange. Bela is also one of the newest members of industrial collective Pigface. – Christopher Gray Austin Chronicle 

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About Leila Bela

Leila Bela created her Avant Garde album Angra Manyu at home on a small Recorder using instruments and everything that she found lying around such as hair dryers, pots and pans, vacuum cleaners etc to create dense noise and experimental music. She has  been featured in several magazines such as Dazed magazine, she owns the record label Ellahy Amen Records. She plays over 65 instruments and noise. She created the Beltar. 

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